Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is an important ministry at St. John’s. Lay Eucharistic Visitors take communion to any of our home- or hospital-bound members on a regular basis, when requested.  Lay Chaplains make calls and visits to bring the love of Christ and the care of our parish to those unable to attend services due to health or disability, or who would just enjoy a visit.  

To request a visit or phone call, please contact the parish office: 316-262-0897.

For Those Who Are Sick

~ Your priest is always ready, at any hour of the day or night, to minister to the sick of the parish. But it is the duty of the sick to send him word. In times of sickness we need the prayers and the sacraments of the Church, and these are to be had for the asking, and upon these, to a very large extent, our recovery may depend.

~ In case it should be necessary to go to the hospital, please give orders to your physician for your priest to visit you. Your priest does not come to you as a visitor, so “Visitors are not admitted” does not apply to him. He comes to you as your priest, with the Church’s blessing, and with the Church’s Sacraments.

~ It would, therefore, be well for every sick person, before going to the hospital, to consult the priest in regard to this matter, and to employ only such physicians and surgeons as shall be willing to have your priest come to you.

~ We insist, most earnestly, upon this, for your sake as well as for ours. In a matter of life or death you cannot afford to exclude God. And no good churchman ever goes through an operation without the sacraments, and the prayers of the Church!

The Rev. Dr. Percy T. Fenn’s 1916 St. John’s Hand-Book, St John’s Episcopal Church, Wichita, Kansas